[Beowulf] DCC (debian cluster components)

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Sat Mar 5 02:45:27 PST 2005

> In the "modern" era of PXE, on "most networks" adding new machines
> with specific configurations could be done with a single command or GUI.
> We're not there yet. :-)

The only thing that ever came close was RLX's Control Tower management
software. It did "one click" management and provisioning of machines.
One the blade systems it could even do "zero click configuration", as you
could set policy like

"Any machines I put into slots 1-10 should automatically get configuration
Y put on them."

It was generic enough so that it  could provision any operating system you
could think off, and if it didn't do something you wanted it to, it was
also easy to dig under the covers and hack the code.

The only down side was the price-tag, which was extortionate.


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