[Beowulf] DCC (debian cluster components)

Tilman Koschnick lists at subnetz.org
Fri Mar 4 05:43:27 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 08:03 -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> Is FAI being loved by somebody at this point?  There was a time a few
> years ago where it seemed to be lying fallow (although as always I could
> be mistaken about that).  Toolsets like that usually need a fairly
> active and energetic human to care for them, if not several...

I think it is. The latest (fairly long) changelog entry - version 2.6.6
- dates from 21 Jan 2005. I went to a talk by the FAI maintainer a
couple of months ago, and he didn't give the impression he was going to
abandon it any time soon. There was talk about porting FAI to
Redhat/rpm, but I don't know what the state of this is.

Cheers, Til

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