[Beowulf] HA OSCAR for loadbalancing and failover

Rajiv jrajiv at hclinsys.com
Thu Mar 3 22:51:09 PST 2005

Dear Sir,
    i am carrying outloadbalancing using OSCAR-3.0.We are also carrying out
failover using HA-OSCAR 1.0 beta release (High Availability OSCAR). We are
required to acheive loadbalancing
and failover for the following services:
    1. HTTP.
    2. FTP.
    3. TELNET.
    4. DHCP.
    5. SQUID.
Our setup is as follows:
  1 Primary server , 1 client node (using OSCAR-3.0)
  1 standby server (using HA OSCAR)

    We have succeeded in building the cluster but am
having problems regarding loadbalancing.We are trying to achieve
loadbalancing using the PBS Server(Portable Batch System) which comes
inbuilt with OSCAR-3.0.We are queing the services as jobs and trying to
distribute these jobs between the server and  client node. But the problem
we are facing is that we are not able to submit the job to the PBS server.
    Sir,firstly, we would like you to confirm if we are going on the right
track for achieving loadbalancing.We would like to know how you'll have
achieved load balancing?


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