[Beowulf] Urgent help with compiling

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Fri Jul 29 14:04:06 PDT 2005

> /usr/lib/mpich/lib/libmpich++.a(comm.o)(.gnu.linkonce.t.__tfQ23MPI9Comm_Null+0x1d): In function `MPI::Comm_Null type_info function':
> : undefined reference to `__rtti_user'
> I am using the mpiCC (mpicxx) compiler to compile .cpp code. I am using normal C MPI function calls though.

I'm guessing that you simply need to link using g++ (mpiCC/mpicxx, whatever).

> My program compiled and ran fine on another machine. But not anymore on this new cluster I moved to.

probably your old c++ compiler didn't have rtti support.  you *could*
recompile your mpich without rtti.

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