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The following sessions from the MacEnterprise Day from June 5th 2005 
are available for viewing.

MacEnterprise Day - Closing

Priorities to bring to Apple in the Enterprise environment. Bring 
your unanswered questions and innovative solutions for an open floor 
discussion! And awards to top contributors to project.

Parallel Computing

by Dean Dauger, Dauger Research
Charles Parnot, Stanford University
James Reynolds, University of Utah

The three participants will present their work in Parallel computing 
with the Macintosh:

Combining powerful, numerically-intensive parallel computing clusters 
with the famed ease-of-use of the Macintosh, Pooch is the only 
solution that merges a modern graphical user interface with 
supercomputer compatible parallel computing. This software enables 
users, without any expertise with OS X, world-wide to develop and run 
parallel code eficiently and productively.

This session will also include discussion of a particular biological 
model and the architecture of the Xgrid-aware application built to 
run computations used to analyze biophysical studies done in the lab 
towards the goal of better
understanding one receptor involved in heart regulation.

Since the oficial release of XGrid, it has been used to render 
POV-Ray and Maya animations with more accuracy and ease, using 
modifications of Apple's Xgrid sample code to submit jobs. 
Experiences and future plans for releasing a submission and job queue 
engine for Maya and POV-Ray will be shared.


Richard Glaser
University of Utah - Student Computing Labs
richard at scl.utah.edu

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