[Beowulf] help a newbie

rupinder bhangu rupinder.bhangu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 22:03:38 PDT 2005

I am Rupinder.I am a final year student.I have planned to work on the topic 
of Beowulf clusters during my six months training.I have also gone through 
some of the sites & the other stuff on the Internet to gather the basic info 
regarding beowulfs, because I had to convince my teachers for allowing me to 
work on this topic.Having done that job successfully, I would now like to 
have the help from the people who are experienced in this field. I am really 
a newbie in this field, but I want to do it. Could you please tell me where 
to start, how to work & the related help that you think would be useful for 
me?Could you also tell that whether a period of 6 months is adequate for a 
person like me to build a cluster with 3-4 nodes successfully?
Rupinder Kaur
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