[Beowulf] SuSE 9.3

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 12 02:08:26 PDT 2005

Fedora core 2 i already tried and when installed at my dual, it was wasting
cpu time for nothing. The worst distribution ever. Not worth downloading if
your intentions are more than 'just run linux'. If you need to run
applications that will eat system time, Fedora Core is the worst choice.

In general Suse and Redhat are deteriorating, only their commercial product
lines might be doing fine, which are what is it, $1500 a piece or so in
case of Redhat? 

Suse 9.3 was a waste of money. It doesn't even install correct. Either you
get 'kernel panic', or some file system stuff is going wrong.

Amazingly Suse 9.0 at the same machine worked fine (but of course 2.4.x is
wrong kernel for a quad opteron so i must upgrade that).

Anyone tried opensolaris.org actually and download their compiler at 

Or is this all a big commercial show from Sun?

At 05:40 PM 7/11/2005 -0400, Michael Joyner wrote:
>After discussing it with the physics professor, we have decided to try 
>Fedora 2 + OSCAR.
>Wish me luck! :)
>John Hearns wrote:
>> On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 11:32 -0400, Michael Joyner wrote:
>>>Brian R Smith wrote:
>>>>SuSE does come with a few helpful packages like mpich/lam and queuing
>>>>software like OpenPBS, but in my experience, you are always better off
>>>>following a more generic model: build it yourself.
>>>We were initially looking at SuSE because that is what we have 
>>>everywhere else. :)
>> Well, use SuSE on your cluster then, if that is the distro which you are
>> most used to.
>> Personally, I would shy away from Fedora, much though I have a liking
>> for Redhat hand have used it for years.
>> I agree with the advice though to build your own packages rather than
>> relying on the RPMs.
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