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Kozin, I (Igor) i.kozin at dl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 1 02:30:38 PDT 2005

It's great to see someone is brave enough to publish 
a Gaussian benchmark.

On the other hand the results are predictable:
since the Xeon scales linearly from one to two
you'd expect the Opteron to scale well too, wouldn't you?
So the factor 1.95 comes from a comparison of four
and two "cores" on a test which apparently performs
well out of cache.

> To add to the discussion about the performance of new dual-core
> processors for computational chemistry applications,
> the comparison of Intel and AMD dual-CPU based computers is shown at:
> http://www.sg-chem.net/cluster/
> As can be seen from the graph, the Gaussian 03 execution 
> speed (test job
> 397) on dual-core dual-CPU Opteron 275 workstation is faster 
> by a factor of 1.95
> as compared to the dual-CPU Xeon 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB machine.
> -----------------
> I would like to thank Ed Gasiorowski (AMD) and Mike Fay (Colfax
> International) for their support.
> Serge Gorelsky
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