[Beowulf] Writing MPICH2 programs

Rusty Lusk lusk at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 20 10:46:00 PST 2005

From: Tom Crick <tc at cs.bath.ac.uk>

> Are there any resources for writing MPICH2 programs? I've found the MPICH2
> User's Guide (Argonne National Laboratory), but haven't been able to find any
> decent material detailing the approaches and methods to writing programs for

MPICH2 is one implementation of MPI, which is an API for writing
parallel programs.  I think what you want is help with writing MPI
programs, which then will run on any MPI implementation, including

Our own contribution in this area (plug alert!) is the pair of books,
"Using MPI" (Gropp, Lusk, and Skjellum), and "Using MPI-2" (Gropp, Lusk,
Thakur), There are other good books and book chapters around as well.

- Rusty Lusk

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