[Beowulf] kickstart install using NFS

Yudong Tian yudong at hsb.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 18 07:25:46 PST 2005

You do not even need the floppies. You can just use PXE
to boot, and kickstart to install/reinstall OS. 
Here are my notes of doing that: 

        Installing Linux over Network: 
	 PXE, DHCP, TFTP, NFS and Kickstart

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>Pat Delaney wrote:
>> Did you ever get an answer to your post??  I'm trying to do the 
>same thing?
>> Pat
>> I'm preparing to install a large number of new nodes using 
>redhat and have
>> planned on using the kickstart option.  I have gotten a 
>kickstart file setup
>> just the way I want it with one exception and I can not get it 
>to work.  I
>> ultimately want to boot from a floppy and in the kickstart file 
>tell it to
>> get the rpm's from a nfs mount.
>> So far I have:
>> 1.)  Booted from a cd and issued the command:
>> linux ks=floppy
>> This is how I built and debugged my ks file.  This gives me what I want,
>> except I get to swap CD's during the install.  No nfs option at 
>this point.
>I vaguely remember trying this before.  I think I ultimately found the 
>floppy/nfs combo incompatible.
>Instead, get the ks file from the server too:
>linux ks=nfs:<server>:/exported/directory/ks.cfg
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