[Beowulf] Cluster Novice

Alex Vrenios alex at DSRLab.com
Mon Jan 17 20:10:23 PST 2005

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> > I'm intrest is in a "virtual" cpu that can run over N 
> machines and if 
> > "virtual" cpu crashes the N-1 takes over.
> well, it depends on your assumptions.  for instance, how do 
> you detect a crash?  NonStop provides a much more paranoid 
> view of "failure" than a simpler, software-based approach 
> like STONITH HA clusters.
> > I'm not looking for speed only stableness.
> beowulf is about speed, not HA.
I believe the original poster is looking for the Linux-HA Project home page
at http://www.linux-ha.org/ where he can register himself for their email
list in the same way he registered here.

He may also want to look into the Red Hat Enterprise Linux solution called
the Cluster Manager. This is expensive, the above solution is a free

Hope this helps,

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