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Ha! This is what I call convergence of thoughts ;-)

I am just sitting in our Sofia office, drinking the morning coffee and 
counting how many MacMini's we could fit on top of the Xserve to do 
file intensive conversions -- e.g. transforming raw images into FITS 
format (astronomy). Yes, we decided to buy 32 of them for test ;-)


On Jan 12, 2005, at 9:08 AM, Drew McCormack wrote:

>Has anyone out there thought about the possibility of building a Mac 
>Mini cluster? I can imagine that for certain applications, that don't  
>do much in the way of communicating, it could be a cheap option. They 
>couldn't require too much in the way of energy, and you can probably 
>stack 50 on a 2m x 1m desk.
>The idea reminds me a bit of people that build Sony Playstation 
>clusters, except Mac mini is the real deal. OS X under the hood. Hard 
>disk. You name it.
>Just an idea,
> Dr. Drew McCormack (Kmr. R153)
> Afd. Theoretische Chemie
> Faculteit Exacte Wetenschappen
> Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
> De Boelelaan 1083
> 1081 HV Amsterdam
> The Netherlands

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