[Beowulf] Re: Cooler room or cooler servers?

award at andorra.ad award at andorra.ad
Sun Apr 10 23:15:36 PDT 2005

Some time ago, I was thinking of using an inert liquid such as 3M's
Fluorinert  for refrigeration. This stuff is electrically inert, has some
heat transport capacity - and a boiling point that can be engineered into
the 30 - 40'C range.

The idea was to dip the mobos into a pan of the stuff, with the disks and
power supplies outside. You are ensured that the heatsink on the CPU will
not go over an external temperature of, for example, 34'C - no CPU fan
needed. Idem for the mobo chipset and RAM. The whole exterior surface of
the pan acts as a giant heat exchanger in the 2-3 sq.ft. range.

Any gut reactions out there?

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