[Beowulf] block runing jobs individually on each node

jerry xu jerry at oban.biosc.lsu.edu
Thu Apr 7 11:51:46 PDT 2005

Thanks, Reuti:
   However, I cannot block ssh/rsh completely since there are many
communications among each node when we run our own program such as input
and output data from files located at master node.

   I just want to forbid people running any of their own program at each
node. They are only allowed to submit job through the batch system


On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 13:34, Reuti wrote:
> Hi,
> disable rsh/ssh completely. Instead have a queue on each node for an 
> interactive login. This way they will get a bash as child from the pbs_mom, and 
> you can control the maximum runtime.
> If you need still ssh for admin usage: limit the access to the conventional ssh 
> in /etc/ssh/sshd_conf to some users:
> AllowUsers jerry
> Cheers - Reuti
> PS: Another solution: set an ulimit for the maximum runtime for an interactive 
> login in /etc/profile.local.
> Quoting jerry xu <jerry at oban.biosc.lsu.edu>:
> > Hi, Dear All:
> >    I am managing a simple 24 nodes beowulf cluster, basically I require
> > all my jobs are running through PBS. However, some undergraduate
> > students in our lab always try to ssh to each individual node in the
> > cluster and run their jobs, which is pretty bad for me to managing the
> > resources and control my program running status. I remember there is way
> > to block people running job that is seperated from the batch system but
> > at the same time still allow them ssh to each node to grab some tmp
> > files?. But I just donot remember how to do it, can anyone give some
> > directions?
> > 
> > Thanks so much,
> > 
> > 
> > Jerry
> > 
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