[Beowulf] OS for 64 bit AMD

Toon Moene toon at moene.indiv.nluug.nl
Mon Apr 4 13:51:27 PDT 2005

Joe Landman wrote:

> Hi Bob:
>   My main thesis really is that FC-x != FC-(x+1) in terms of core 
> interfaces.  As we have read from Toon, gcc4.0 won't have a g77 (for 
> good reasons), and FC4 will be using gcc4.0.   gcc4.0 != gcc 3.4.

For maximum clarity:  A GNU/Linux *distributor* can still decide to have 
gcc4.0 as its main compiler and offering gcc3.4 (with g77) in 

In fact, that is what we have been advocating on the GCC mailing lists 
for some time now.

Hope this helps,

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