[Beowulf] socket: Address family e100 not supported by protocol

Ted Sariyski tsariysk at craft-tech.com
Mon Sep 27 07:47:49 PDT 2004


I work to install clustermatic4 on an opteron cluster running SuSe 
Server9 for AMD64 (Tian B2882 Transport GX28). I compiled kernel 2.6.7 
with modules from  http://sf.net/projects/bproc (thanks Erik). At boot 
phase 2 I get an error:

boot: Install module e100
e100: Intel PRO/100 driver 3.0.18
socket: Address family not supported by protocol

On the master node (all nodes are identical) e100 is installed as module:
#> lsmod | grep e100
e100                   36864  0
mii                     7040  1 e100

I'll highly appreciate any help.

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