[Beowulf] BPROC patch 4.0.0pre4

Gustavo Gobi Martinelli gustavo at martinelli.etc.br
Sun Sep 26 14:05:50 PDT 2004

I applied the bproc patch version 4.0.0pre4 on my kernel 2.6.5. I use Fecoda
Core 2.

So I tried to recompile my kernel and I received de following ERROR message
after I execute the command "make bzImage":

"arch/i386/kernel/ptrace.c:534: warning: data definition has no type or storage
make[1]: ** [arch/i386/kernel/ptrace.o] Erro 1
make: ** [arch/i386/kernel] Erro 2"

Does anyone know something about it? I am searching, but until now, I already
without any information.

Gustavo Gobi Martinelli
Linux User# 270627

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