[Beowulf] Netgear FS526T, equivalent ProCurve or similiar?

Jeff Layton jeffrey.b.layton at lmco.com
Wed Sep 15 04:23:01 PDT 2004


   It depends upon what you want out of the switch. If you want
an unmanaged basic switch this might be fine, although I don't
think it can do jumbo frames. The only unmanaged switch with
jumbo frames that I know of with 24 ports is the SMC 8524T.
The best price I saw on pricegrabber was about $405. The
managed version of this switch (SMC 8624T) is about $1665
but this switch can trunk multiple lines to connect switches.

Good Luck!


>This is a bit off-topic, but I'm looking for opinions on
>http://www.pcmag.co.uk/products/hardware/1150184 (which is some 170 EUR), or
>equivalent products (HP ProCurve?).
>I presume a fully managed ProCurve equivalent would be at least 500 EUR?
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