[Beowulf] A Good Linux Distribution to Start with?

Dragovich, Jeff jeffdrag at seattleu.edu
Wed Sep 8 14:00:49 PDT 2004

I am at the point in my beowulf cluster construction where I need to
pick the Linux distribution to use. I have a small cluster (10 nodes,
CISCO switch, a single control machine). The cluster will support
parallelizing/benchmarking a finite element program using MPI. I am
currently the only prospective user, and don't need sendmail and a bunch
of that stuff. Just dev tools. 
Any comments on which Linux flavor to start with? I've read some jabs at
Fedora. Can't find a FAQ (after about 4 hours of searching) that really
discusses the pros and cons of each Linux variant related to Beowulf
clusters. I know religion is a hot topic, but please don't flame the
agnostic. :)
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