[Beowulf] Re: building a new cluster

Eray Ozkural exa at kablonet.com.tr
Sun Sep 5 17:33:35 PDT 2004

On Thursday 02 September 2004 00:27, SC Huang wrote:
> 4. Managed or unmanaged?
> People already recommended some switches that I will not repeat here.
> However, I am still not clear about "managed" and "unmanaged" switches.
> Some vendors told me that I need an managed one, while other said the
> opposite. Will need to study more...

Do you need all those protocols for WAN networking, or are you planning to use 
it for HPC? If you're going HPC, you don't need managed anything. The vendors 
deceived us the same way when we asked them in 2000-2001. Don't trust the 
vendors, do your own research. Always put specs side by side and compare.


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