[Beowulf] Re: Beowulf Digest, Vol 4, Issue 42

Isaac Dooley idooley at isaacdooley.com
Mon Jun 28 12:31:57 PDT 2004

>I'm wondering if there is a way to emulate MPI,
>so that MPI software development may be done on a single
>processor box and run with "virtual nodes."
>Thanks! (Sorry if this is the wrong list for such a question.)
I know MPICH allows this as the default when only one machine is listed 
in the machines.LINUX(or other) file. So just set it up as if you had a 
cluster with only one node.  One important note, you may not run into 
the same deadlock issues if you run on one machine, so you might write a 
program that runs fine on one node, but deadlocks when run accross a 
real cluster. So make sure you write good code from the start. This is 
all speaking from recent experience on a MPICH/Linux/Ethernet cluster.

Isaac Dooley

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