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csieh csieh at fnal.gov
Wed Jun 16 13:53:55 PDT 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, John Hearns wrote:

> Following on from the debate on a Fedora-based cluster distro,
> I note on the CERN webpages that there is a collaboration between
> CERN and Fermilab on SLC3 (Scientific Linux) based on RHEL 3

The collaboration is really for base "Scientific Linux".  SLC3 stand for
"Scientific Linux 3 (CERN)" .  This is a site specific "Scientific Linux"
for the CERN site.  With "Scientific Linux 3.0.2 (FERMI)"  soon to follow.

Scientific Linux is a rebuild of Enterpise 3.  What it contains that is
unique is that it allows for easy "site" customizations.  Both CERN and
FERMI will be using this feature.  Sites can add, upgrade, downgrade RPMS
compared to the base RPMS.  So as to be compatible with other "Scientific
Linux" users there is/will be a list of RPMS that should not be changed in
a way as to break "original" compatability.

It is also a full release just out of the box as "Scientific Linux".

We (base Scientific Linux developers) released RC1 of "Scientific Linux
3.0.2"  yesterday.  CERN released "Scientific Linux 3 (CERN)" for test
today, which is a site specific "Scientific Linux".


Mailing lists at

scientific-linux-devel at fnal.gov
scientific-linux-announce at fnal.gov
scientific-linux-users at fnal.gov

With archives on http://listserv.fnal.gov/archives/scientific-linux*

This is not just a collaberation between Fermi and CERN (though they are 
the largest participants) but a worldwide effort of those who wish to 

> Comments, thoughts on whether or not this would be a good basis
> for a cluster distro?

So "someone" could make a "site" that would be useful for "clusters".
Or use out of the box as just "Scientific Linux 3.0.2".

> (I'm just opening a debate, and hope to get some comments)
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