[Beowulf] Setting memory limits on a compute node

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Jun 9 18:23:25 PDT 2004

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On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 01:42 am, Brent M. Clements wrote:

> It appears that the gaussian application is exhausting
> all of the memory in the system essentially stopping the machine from
> working. You can still ping the machine but can't ssh. Anyway's I know the
> fundementals of why this is happening.
> What is the best to approach this kinda of issue? We have come up with a
> few solutions but each one has it's drawbacks.

We've had this problem (not with Gaussian) and the best we could do was dump 
the kernels for our distro (RH7.3) and go straight to 2.4.26 and make sure 
the OOM killer was disabled.

Basically this seems to be the old OOM killer deadlock problem which is fixed 
in more recent kernels.

It's not perfect (it sometimes will kill other processes that try and fail to 
malloc() before the real culprit) but it does stop the node completely 
grinding into the dirt.   We can then use rconsole (from CSM) to drop onto 
that node if sshd has been killed off to restart it or reboot it without 
having to go and do the hard power-cycle that we used to.

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