[Beowulf] Re: Redmond is at it, again

Suvendra Nath Dutta sdutta at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 8 08:40:27 PDT 2004

How does MATLAB generate parallel code? I thought Cleve Moler 
specifically ruled out a parallel MATLAB? I know there are efforts (at 
least I know two from MIT & Lincoln labs) to make MATLAB run in 
parallel, but both these run on Linux. Cornell was supposed to have one 
version that ran on Windows, but I was told that it is now a defunct 


On Jun 4, 2004, at 1:30 AM, Douglas O'Flaherty wrote:

> I wanted to add a 5th point to Laurence's excellent  summary that I 
> didn't see elsewhere.
> (5) The developers require an environment for rapid iterations of code 
> development targetted to clusters.
> Where Windows clusters have already been successful is in transfering 
> PC code to a compute farm for more efficient processing. Financial 
> Analysis using Monte Carlo comes immediately to mind. Tools such as 
> Matlab (and in another generation MSFT Visual Studio) can create code 
> for distributed computing. It's unlikely to be especially good MPI 
> code, but I bet it will work. Relative to QCD or modeling, Monte Carlo 
> is barely cluster computing, but it is a large and viable commercial 
> market. This is a similar driver for Xserves in the data centers of 
> Life Science researchers -- they already have Macs on their desks and 
> they can turn the code quickly.
> The list has discussed the sysadmin and economic point of views very 
> well, but there hasn't been much about how tools for the end-user will 
> influences the decisions. Joe captured some of this referring to the 
> ISV support.
> When Cornell deployed the Windows clusters back a few years, the 
> typical cluster developer grumbled some. The surprise was how many new 
> users asked to be on the Windows clusters. Many were not from the hard 
> sciences, but from economics and other departments who needed to do 
> numerical analysis. For the academics on this list, that may be an 
> un-tapped market for funds from other departments. You might learn to 
> like having a Windows cluster in the data center. I suggest calling it 
> Bofa ;)
> doug
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