[Beowulf] bonding and bandwidth

Jean-Marc Larré Jean-Marc.Larre at tlse.toulouse.inra.fr
Mon Jun 7 09:03:40 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm testing bonding.c with two gigabit ethernet links toward a HP 2848 
switch. My kernel is 2.4.24 from kernel.org on RedHat 9.0
modules.conf is like this :
[root at node01 root]# cat /etc/modules.conf
alias eth1 bcm5700
alias eth2 bcm5700
alias bond0 bonding
options bond0 miimon=100 mode=balance-alb updelay=50000

My problem :
I get a bandwidth around 900Mbit/s and not 1800Mbit/s with netperf or 
iperf or NetPipe. Could you explain me why I'm not get 1800Mbit/s and 
where is my problem ?

Thank you
Jean-Marc Larré - Jean-Marc.Larre at toulouse.inra.fr - 05 61 28 54 27
INRA - Génopole - Unité de Biométrie et Intelligence Artificielle
BP 27 -  31326. Castanet Tolosan cedex

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