[Beowulf] PBS node properties (was: AMD/Opteron)

S Senator sts at senator.net
Sat Jun 5 15:03:17 PDT 2004

Do you set this as a per-node MOM property or as a global property with 
a hand-set at creation value?

I've got a cluster with cpu_speed defined as a global property 
(currently = 1000 or 2800, units are Mhz).
Then I set the node_group_key to be cpu_speed. My purpose is that if a 
user explicitly asks for a set of
cpu's that's what they get. If they don't ask for any specific speed, 
they will be scheduled onto as many as they ask for. However, I want 
them to be homogenous within the job request if at all possible. 
However, I don't see PBS honoring this property.

On Jun 5, 2004, at 2:25 PM, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> Using PBS, you can give the opterons the "64bit" property, and then
> 64-bit jobs can ask for "64bit" nodes.

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