Two heads are better than one! :)

Dean Johnson dtj at
Thu Oct 31 13:48:47 PST 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 14:05, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> The original >>beowulf<< concept was more like "the COTS cluster is the
> supercomputer", and that is what scyld and the nasa goddard folks have
> largely focused on, so most "true beowulfs" have a single head node, but
> the strictly defined beowulf is far from the first or the only cluster
> architecture.  Even in the early days, there were a number of linux
> beowulfish clusters (that really did have dedicated, isolated nodes and
> access only via head nodes) with more than one head node.

The closer you come to having all the nodes externally accessible (ie.
like head nodes), the more it smells like a 'grid'.


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