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Thu Oct 31 10:24:16 PST 2002


Vmware GSX/ESX is great for server consolidation. But consolidated 
servers are not meant for Beowulf clusters and vis-versa.

Imagine your Oracle database processing a large transaction, and all of 
a sudden you start up a vmware session to do some other stuff... both 
your Oracle db and new vmware session will be severly impacted.

Server consolidation requires careful studies into loads of various 
applications that will be running on the server... you cannot just move 
the VMs around (I am thinking of openmosix + vmware.. dynamic vmware 
allocation in a cluster)...

we see customers consolidating 100+ servers into 8 - 10 large 4/8 ways 
servers. And in these 8-10 large servers.. Vmware sessions are carefully 
partitioned according to CPU loads, memory / disk space requirements.

Maybe I did not get understand what you are trying to accomplish.. if 
you can elaborate further, we can share more ideas.


Marquardt, Paul wrote:
> The organization I work for has been toying with the idea of server
> consolidation. 
> One of the scenarios presented by the group was to build a Beowulf cluster
> and use VMWare GSX Server to partition it. 
> This solution seems to offer endless ideas of distributed processing and the
> ability to run multiple operating systems on a large clustered platform.
> However, I have been very hard pressed to find information concerning this
> type of an implementation of Beowulf, or VMWare.
> Is this a feasible implementation?
> Has this ever been done?
> Was it successful?
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> Thanks in advance for any ideas help or suggestions.
> -Paul
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