Beowulf & VMWare

Donald Becker becker at
Wed Oct 30 13:18:12 PST 2002

On 30 Oct 2002, Chris Black wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 12:17, Marquardt, Paul wrote:
> > One of the scenarios presented by the group was to build a Beowulf cluster
> > and use VMWare GSX Server to partition it. 
> You might consider also looking into User Mode Linux (UML).
> I don't have experience with it but have done some reading and it sounds
> like it might be well-suited to what you want to do.

We've looked at using UML.  While the description is similar, UML is not
the same kind of system as VMWare.
   - UML requires specially modified kernels
   - UML ties you to a single kernel and configuration
   - UML kernels are only usable in UML mode

VMWare creates emulated physical machines, which can run any kernel and

Running VMWare on compute nodes allows the cluster to run and manage
both native and alien (e.g. Microsoft) applications.

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