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Mon Oct 28 10:02:06 PST 2002

Hello Marshall,


> At any rate, we got APC surge strips rated at 15A and run 5 
> units per strip 
> to give us a bit of a safety margin. We plug the UPS's into 
> the strips and 
> then the racks into the UPS's. Multiple individual UPS's 
> turned out to be a 
> lot cheaper than one big unit. Makes for a lot of weight on 
> the rack, but 
> cost was the primary concern. We also ran into the same 
> problem you did 
> with the carpet, so far our solution is to get four guys 
> together to move 
> the rack. :)

You might want to reconsider how you have your UPS plugged into your surge
strips.  Your current configuration is not wired correctly.  The UPS has
surge built in and nothing should be between it and the power source.
Coming out of the UPS is a surge protector.  Therefore, all you need is
cheap power strips with no surge in it.

Of course it will work but it is against National Electrical Code.  Any kind
of inspector can fine you for this configuration.  Keep in mind that all
UPS's have surge protection built into them.  The correct scenario would be
to plug PDU's into the UPS for receptacle distribution.  PDU's do not have
any surge protection built into them.


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