Rolling a rack on carpet

Dean Johnson dtj at
Fri Oct 25 08:59:36 PDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 10:27, Mark Andrew Smith wrote:
> > like drive lights. Since you have the cord right there, you have no need
> > for the power switch. It was just a matter of putting led's in slot
> ...that is true for AT motherboards, but some nodes in my cluster use an ATX
> motherboard and the on/off switch is on the front case.  I would imagine
> most newer pieces of kit are ATX these days.....

Yanking the power cord works with nearly all past and present machines.
If you are patient and willing to wait for some machines internal UPS
(our AT&T 3B20 has biga** truck batteries in the back) to run down, the
percentage goes up. Of course it isn't really the best way, but it
works. I have no problems with it because any computational nodes that
get irrepairable software type problems from such an approach just get
reinstalled with "Dean's Magic Disk" (read "aint kickstart great"). ;-)


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