Rolling a rack on carpet

alvin at alvin at
Thu Oct 24 15:16:21 PDT 2002

hi ya

am thinking to move heavy stuff on carpet
( before it gets stuck in the carpet, and ruins it, very expensive problem
( from unfriendly landlords

- some folks put down a rolling cover/plastic on top of the carpet
	- 1/2" thick solid  plywood for example
	or solid oak doors ( relatively cheap )
	or thick/solid metal rails from home depot 
	( just drive/push straight )

	- just make sure the rack doesnt slip between the
	two plywood or solid oak doors

	- dont use the light doors... its just 0.001" thick paper doors

- other way is to use a self-powered pallet jack 
  and still might need the smooth material too

c ya

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Joe Rice wrote:

> yes, most of my cluster racks are on the same type of
> carpet. They have smaller wheels (casters) then 4 inches.
> i think 3 inch.  The only problem i ever have pushing them
> around is after they have been sitting in one spot for a while.
> getting them out of the holes they have created takes a little
> bit of rocking (like when you get your car stuck in the snow).

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