Surge suppressors

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Thu Oct 24 10:58:17 PDT 2002

Our's are all on UPS so we just use distribution plug strips...

a surge protecter is in most cases just a MOV metal-oxide-varisistor. 
surge protection and line conditioning are two different exercises...

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, David Mathog wrote:

> What brand surge suppressors are commonly used in clusters?  
> Tripplite 6 outlet Isobar Ultras jave worked well
> on other equipment but these are only rated for 12A.

noise filters and surge supression.

the isobar 12/20r model is rated at 20 amps... we have a few o those in 
our telco facity for power distribution.

> With 5 x 300W power supplies plugged in they'd be running
> very close to their limit (5*300/120 = 12A).
> But maybe that's too pessimistic.  Each node holds a Tyan 2466
> Mobo, one MP2000+ processor, one 40Gb IDE disk, a floppy, 1 Gb
> ECC RAM, 3 fans, and a cheap VGA card.  So it probably doesn't
> draw anywhere near 300W except possibly when the
> power is first turned on.

propably less than 130 the cpu by itself is around 70w

>  The surge suppressor should be 
> rated high enough to handle the load if/when we add the
> second CPU in each node.

probably around 200w

> Each circuit has a 20Amp breaker, 20 Amp rated wiring, NEMA
> 5-15P sockets (could be upgraded to NEMA 5-20P for a nominal
> amount.)  4 circuits are available.
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