thermal kill switch

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Tue Oct 22 18:25:04 PDT 2002

hi ya

some motherboards have health monitors...
	- you can go into the bios and tell it what to do
	( shutdown when the temp hits a value )

- otherwise, install lm_sensors if your motherboard
  has a supported "health monitoring" chipset
	- double check its temp readings with a regular
	thermometer too

- lm_sensors will shutdown the machine if the fan dies too
	- fans and power supplies are more likely to die
	than an air conditioner
- room wide, have a huge industrial fan blowing air at
  the cpus ( intake fans ) ??

c ya

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Andre Lehovich wrote:

> We had the air-conditioning fail yesterday.  Caught it in
> time to shut down by hand, but we won't be so lucky next
> time.  RGB's book recommends a thermal kill switch, but
> doesn't give details on implementation.  One obvious idea is
> to have a daemon monitor lm-sensors and shutdown each node
> as it gets too hot.  This is easy and cheap.
> But, is there anything better?  We have not yet had the
> electric and cooling contractors refit our server room.  Is
> there anything we should have them install during the
> rewiring?  What are the pros/cons of a room-wide kill switch
> vs. the lm-sensors approach?

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