Dual CPU nodes?

Dean Johnson dtj at uberh4x0r.org
Mon Oct 21 08:48:26 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 10:28, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> A beefy UPS is not a bad thing to
> consider if you can afford it.  

Actually, for all but the most critical applications ("critical" as
defined by you), even a crappy little one is a *really* good idea. Most
places have a good enough power grid that having a UPS to save you from
the first second of a power outage will satisfy 99% of stability needs.
Its the little brownouts and drops that, IMHO, make up most of the
problems. Actually the biggest problem with power outages is trying to
get my heart back into a regular rhythm after suddenly having a pile of
UPSes squeal underfoot. ;-)


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