kickstart install using NFS

Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at
Thu Oct 10 10:01:25 PDT 2002

From: canon at [mailto:canon at]
>Incidentally, you can also just loop mount the iso
>images as disc1..disc5 and the installer will
>select the correct directory.  I know this works
>for http.  I'm not certain about nfs.

For http this is true, but I suspect (unproven) that there would be a
performance hit when installing a large cluster over copying the files out
of the .iso into a real directory.

As for nfs - It won't work since you cant export such loopback mounts - the
client node would just see an empty directory.

Also it is neater to have all the RPMs in the directory. That way you can
use 'yum' to easily install extra packages later (to provide xterms for


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