Timothy W. Moore twm at
Thu Oct 10 06:47:52 PDT 2002

I have been running my cluster with GigE networking components and do 
not have problems until I try a 3D run.  I have studied the different 
protocols for passing messages, but do not understand the terminology 
(for I am not a computer scientist).  Every discussion list I see has 
responses that all quote the same source.  It is though no one 
understands the text (semaphores, etc.) and when people ask the question 
I am asking now, they drag and click the response.  This is my question:

I know that u/sysv are both tcp based.  The standardized response is 
usysv works for SMP machines.  I have a cluster of 8 uniprocessor 
nodes...does this mean I should use sysv?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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