Redhat 8.0 diskless cluster

Rocky McGaugh rocky at
Mon Oct 7 22:14:14 PDT 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Isaac Yuen Shu On wrote:

> Hi all,
> During building the trial diskless cluster, we've encountered a problem to
> install the root directories of the nodes in the server. 
> By analogy, we simply think we can use a tools like Yast in SuSE6.4 to finish 
> such directories. However, we didnt discover such tools. Well, is there any 
> other method to install the root of the nodes? Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Isaac

If i understand you correctly, you mean to use the "install to directory" 

RedHat did have such a beast. I personally never used it, but i did see it 
in the source in an older version of anaconda.

I just took a 30 second look, and i did not see anything about it in 8.0 
source. This doesn't mean that it is not there, only that i was unable to 
quickly confirm the option.

install the main anaconda package and have a look. I hope it is still in 
there in case i ever need it...:)

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