bpsh and memory leak - wien - solution

Florent Calvayrac Florent.Calvayrac at univ-lemans.fr
Thu Oct 3 05:05:47 PDT 2002

Donald Becker wrote:
> OK, my guess is still that some output is consuming memory on the
> RAMdisk root.

but why would it grow infinitely ? Like I said, when the RAMdisk
is full, it is full ! (and it's only 70 Mo large)

> > and is not willing to run on remote nodes
> > ("bpsh 0 top" fails because of an unknown TERM error - I
> > guess termcap is not installed properly on the
> > remote nores, I even tried with a TERM=vt100)
> There is not a controlling 'tty'.

actually, the solution was found this way : following a solution
I found in the archives about exporting slave disks, I tried

bpsh 0 bash

then "top" fails miserably...but our program runs fine !

So I wrote a small shell script with only one line (our program)
and it's ok. I guess that the program is writing something
to /dev/null, like it was suggested about the nfs problem,
and that when run on the remote node something does not work about it,
but locally it's ok. At least it's my guess on why this hack works...
but it works. So now, if anyone is interested, I have a few patches to the scripts 
to run Wien97 interactively in parallel on a Scyld cluster (actually, Wien is parallelized
by files and scripts, normally rsh/nfs is needed and not mpi).
thanks for the help

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