Need ball park power and cooling requirements

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On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Ken Chase wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 08:30:05AM -0500, Ray Muno's all...
> > > on a 2400 VA line; c) PFC supplies consume less energy on average, and
> > > the power companies often charge you less money for what you use if you
> > > don't need the high peak currents associated with a relatively poor
> > > power factor.
> How much more are these PFC supplies and what 'format' are they sold in?  (and
> who sells them?) Wouldnt power factor increase with a large well built single
> supply with wiring to power multiple boards? (Or was the argument there "when
> there's a failure, n nodes are fried instead of 1".)

a manufacturer:

and another:

(look for pfc .95 or higher)

a vendor:

> /kc

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