openmosix and lam-mpi

Peter Beerli beerli at
Tue Nov 26 14:33:32 PST 2002

could anybody who runs openmosix and lam on the same cluster give me a hint
why my jobs don't migrate.

<preamble> for a demo in a summer course I was running a MPI-parallel program
on a openmosix cluster successfully [with results etc], MPI was of the LAM kind</preamble>

(1) I installed LAM-MPI 6.5.8, used ./configure --prefix=$HOME/lam --without-impi --without-romio
[used therefore the default rti=tcp],
created a setupfile with only one node in it [the master with its
private network address], booted lam : lamboot -v setupfile
(2) compiled my MPI program with LAM
(3) run my program using mpirun -s n0 -np 10 myprogram
the jobs don't migrate and all except one node are idle, 
starting another program from the same node migrates the job away.

any hints,


Peter Beerli,  Genome Sciences, Box #357730, University of Washington,
Seattle WA 98195-7730 USA, Ph:2065438751, Fax:2065430754

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