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8x 10 GBit/s, 160 ns port to port latency, 19 " 1U 8 k$


    * 8, 4x copper data ports
    * Embedded Apex Software provides complete fabric management
    * 160 Gbps, aggregate switch bandwidth
    * Auto speed sensing for 4x (10 Gbps) or 1x (2.5 Gbps) operation
    * Ethernet and RS-232 management interfaces
    * Front-panel LCD and keypad
    * Low profile, 1U rack mountable chassis
    * Dual, hot-swap power supply and fan modules
    * InfiniBand specification 1.0a/1M2 Profile B compliant

Embedded Apex Software

All Paceline intelligent switches feature embedded Apex Software, which 
makes InfiniBand fabrics easy to install, operate and maintain. Apex 
Software features:

    * Trunk load balancing optimizes performance on parallel paths
    * Resilient topology control automatically reroutes traffic around 
fabric element failures
    * Independently enabled, full-function InfiniBand subnet manager with 
hot standby function
    * Powerful performance statistics and analysis tools
    * Familiar CLI, SNMP and web management interfaces simplify fabric 
    * Full Integration support for BMC Patrol, IBM Tivoli and H/P OpenView 
management applications

The Paceline 4100 is designed to deliver high performance in demanding 
enterprise and high performance computing applications. Based on the IBM 
InfiniBlue 4x switch chip, the 4100 delivers traffic independent, 
non-blocking throughput and line rate forwarding on all ports, 
The Paceline 4100 supports any network topology, from partial or full 
meshed network designs to multi-level hierarchal designs, ring designs, or 
re-arrangeably non-blocking Clos network designs.
A comprehensive set of management interfaces and tools enable the 4100 to 
seamlessly integrate into existing enterprise management frameworks. The 
4100 can be managed through a Command Line Interface (CLI), embedded web 
server, a standard SNMP interface, and a front panel LCD display and 
keypad. It can also be managed through popular enterprise management 
systems, including H/P OpenView, IBM Tivoli and BMC Patrol. The LCD 
display and keypad provide a convenient facility to enter configuration 
parameters, monitor device level attributes, and display critical events.

InfiniBand Agents, 1.0a/1M2
Subnet Manager Agent (SMA)
Performance Management Agent (PMA)
Baseboard Management Agent (BMA)
InfiniBand Managers, 1.0a/1M2
Subnet Manager (SM)
Subnet Administrator (SA)
Performance Management (PM)
Baseboard Management (BM)
Switch Specifications
Service Levels - 16
Data Virtual Lanes - 4
Management Virtual Lanes - 1
Partitions - 16 per port
Linear forwarding table - 4K
Multicast table size - 128 groups
MTU - 2,048 (2K) max.
Buffering - 16KB per port, statically allocated across VLs
Flow Control - credit-based, per VL
Queuing - Two stage, strict priority/round robin
VL Arbitration - 2 times VLs
Throughput - 128 Gb/s
Port-to-port Latency - 160 ns (max.)
InfiniBand Data Interfaces
8, auto-sensing 1x/4x ports (2.5/10 Gb/s)
Connectors - 8-pair MicroGigaCN
Management Interfaces
10/100 Ethernet - shielded RJ-45 connector
Console (RS-232) connector - DB-9
AUX. (RS-232) connector - DB-9
LCD Display - 2-line, 32 characters display, 7-button interface IETF 
RFC-791 IP
RFC- 793 TCP
RFC-1157 SNMP v1
RFC-190x SNMP v2c
RFC-3164 SysLog client
RFC-854 & RFC-855 Telnet server
RFC-959 FTP client
RFC-950 BOOTP client
IETF Standard MIBs:
Predicted Reliability
MTBF - 56,981 hours (calculated)
(H) 1.73", (W) 17.3", (D) 26.0"
19" Rack mountable or table top
Weight - 11 lbs.
Power / Environmental
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.9 Amps (max.)
Operating Temperature - 0º C to 40º C
Storage Temperature - -40º C to 65 Cº
Humidity - 8% to 80% non-condensing
Acoustic - 58 dB/A weighted sound power level to EN27779 and EN29295
Safety & Regulatory Compliance
UL 60950
cUL listed to CSA 950
CE 60950 Mark
EN55022 Class A EN55024 ITE
IEC 60950
FCC Part 15 Class A

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