two CPUs in slave nodes, but only one in master

Ollisl ollisl at
Mon Nov 18 14:51:45 PST 2002


I noticed that when I have only one CPU in the master, but two in the
slave nodes, The Beostat doesn't show but one CPU in all of them. How
can I make them all show in beostat?
This probably isn't too serious problem...

Plan is to test beowulf and ganglia together... so that I have two
master nodes, which both have, say 2 slaves(just tesing), and a
monitoring node, which has the ganglia gmetad and webfrontend. All of
them are connected through one switch, where I'll set three VLAN's.

I don't know if I need(or even can/need) to install ganglia gmong to
the slavenodes, so I'll just install it to master nodes(and the
monitoring of course).

I'd like to hear comments about this sort of arrangement... Have to say
that I'm a cluster/linux/beowulf/ganglia newbie =) But with a lot of
will to learn new things.

Olli Laaksonen

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