AMD press release

Bob Drzyzgula bob at
Mon Nov 18 11:26:20 PST 2002

Does anyone (Donald?) know much more, or can anyone
say anymore, about what is discussed in the AMD
press release found here:,,51_104_543~62590,00.html


The release discusses 64-bit NIC drivers for Myricom,
Dolphin and Quadrics, 64-bit Vampirtrace, and 64-bit
MPICH. But is there any work on x86-64 implementations
of scientific libraries, e.g. BLAS? What is the sense
of list members as to when x86-64 will be a viable
platform for scientific computing? In particular, is it
likely to be practical anytime soon ("soon" meaning in
the next year or so, and subject to AMD actually releasing
the stuff when they are currently saying they will) to
use Opteron for processes requiring > 4GB of memory?

Also, I guess that I'd be interested in hearing from sites
that are today clustering various other 64-bit architectures
to run such processes -- what are you running, how well
does it work, did it cost you less than what Cornell's
Windows cluster cost Microsoft, Intel and Dell, etc...


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