Need comments about cluster file systems

Peter Braam braam at
Fri Nov 15 10:29:32 PST 2002

Hello everyone, 

I thought that two solely factual statements about InterMezzo and
Lustre might help people.

InterMezzo is not yet finished:
    I agree with that. Nobody gave us enough contract money to finish
    it. However, the kernel code is stable and there are at least two
    shipping products based on InterMezzo. InterMezzo seems very
    unsuitable for HPC environments, except possibly for managing
    software deployment.  If opportunities arise we will take
    InterMezzo further.

    Lustre has attracted enough funding for us to work on it for
    several years.  The ASCI PathForward contract awarded to Lustre is
    a substantial part of this. The 1.0 release will happen during the
    next 6 months and is slated to be running on LLNL MCR's cluster,
    the PNNL Linux cluster a few other sites during the next few
    months. Lustre will remain open source and is currently actively
    being tested on half of Livermore's MCR cluster.  Lustre can
    exploit local disks, as well as remote storage and runs over
    multiple networks.

- Peter J. Braam -
Cluster File Systems, Inc. 

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