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Trends for November 2002

All changes are from June 2002 to November 2002

Highlights from the Top 10:

    * The Earth Simulator build by NEC remains the unchallenged #1.
    * 2 segments of the ASCI Q at Los Alamos are new at #2 and #3 with 7.7 TF/s Linpack each.
    * 2 new PC cluster made the TOP 10:
          o #5 is a Linux NetworX/Quadrics cluster at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
          o #8 is a HPTi/Myrinet cluster at the FSL/NOAA. 
    * Two other systems are new in the TOP10:
          o at #9 a IBM Power4 system installed in UK at the HPCx Consortium,
          o at #10 a IBM Power4 system installed at NCAR. 
    * 3.2 TF/s are needed to enter the top 10.
    * Hewlett-Packard has 4 systems in the TOP 10 followed by IBM with 3 systems, and one from NEC, Linux NetworX, and HPTi each.
    * ASCI Red which was in the top 10 since June 1997 (7 times as #1) dropped out of the top 10.
    * 7 of the TOP 10 systems are installed in the US, and one in Japan, France and UK each. 

General highlights from the Top 500:

    * The number of systems exceeding the 1 TFflop/s mark on the Linpack is now 47 up from to 23 just 6 month ago.
    * 100 systems have peak performance above 1 TFlop/s up from 70 systems 6 month ago
    * The last system on the list with 195.8 GF/s was listed at position 318 in the last TOP500 just 6 month ago.
    * Total accumulated performance is 293 TFlop/s compared to 222 TFlop/s 6 month ago.
    * Entry level is now 195.8 GF/s compared to 134.3 GF/s 6 month ago.
    * The entry point for the top100 moved from 447 GF/s to 558 GF/s.
    * PC Cluster are now present at all levels of performance.
    * A total of 55 Intel based and 8 AMD based PC cluster are in the TOP500.
    * Including 4 Sun and 3 Alpha based clusters and 23 HP AlphaServer, the number of clusters in the top500 grew further to 93 from 80 systems.
    * 14 of these clusters are labeled as 'Self-Made'.
    * The number of systems at industrial customers fell slightly to 226 systems down from 248 6 month ago and 261 one year ago.
    * The US keeps it's prime position as supercomputer user (46% of systems and 51% of installed performance) and producer (91% of systems) with only little changes in geographical distribution.
    * Despite the large performance of the ES, Japan is third in installed performance and number of systems behind Europe.
    * IBM is still leading the list with respect to the installed performance with a stable share of 31.8% ahead of HP 22.1% and NEC with 14.6%.
    * Hewlett-Packard stays slightly ahead of IBM with respect to the number of systems installed (HP 137 and IBM 131). Sun is third with 88systems.
    * No other manufacturer is able to capture more than 10% in any category. 

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