SC2002 PVFS BOF Announcement

Phil Carns pcarns at
Wed Nov 13 11:34:19 PST 2002

We are pleased to announce the first ever PVFS "Birds Of a Feather"
session to be held at the SC2002 conference in Baltimore.  The purpose
of this informal gathering is to discuss current PVFS status and plans,
share user experiences, and obtain feedback from the community.  We
would like to invite everyone interested in PVFS (both users and
researchers) to attend.

Time: Tuesday November 19th, 5:30-7:00pm

Location: Room 320, Baltimore Convention Center

Tentative Outline:

  * 30 minute talk: PVFS status, plans, and milestones (presented by Rob
    Ross of Argonne National Laboratory and Walt Ligon of Clemson

  * 20 minute talk: production user experiences (courtesy of Troy Baer
    of the Ohio Supercomputing Center)

  * remainder of time: community feedback and discussion; identification
    of critical issues

About PVFS:

PVFS is a parallel file system for Linux clusters.  It harnesses
commodity storage and network technology to provide concurrent access
to data distributed across a (possibly large) collection of servers.
PVFS serves as both a testbed for parallel I/O research as well as
a freely available, production level parallel file system for use in
the cluster community.  Development and support is carried out with
collaboration between Clemson University and Argonne National Laboratory.

In addition to current PVFS release efforts (including many new features),
we are also in the process of developing an entirely new parallel file
system from the ground up.  This new file system is known as PVFS2.
We will try to cover topics relative to both development efforts at
this meeting.

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