[BProc] Monitoring Tool

J.A. Magallón jamagallon at able.es
Tue Nov 12 16:42:57 PST 2002

On 2002.11.11 Wade Hampton wrote:
> J.A. Magallón wrote:
> >On 2002.11.08 Luiz Otávio de Lima Rodrigues wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>	Hi People,
> >>
> >>	Finally I put my experimental cluster to work!  I used Clustermatic for
> >>this.  However now appeared another question: exists some software, like
> >>beostatus and beosetup, for clustermatic?  Already I looked for, but all
> >>softwares of manages needs that in the slave it has rsh or ssh functioning,
> >>I would like some that functioned using bproc (bpsh).
> >>
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Forget about beostatus. Take a look at ganglia:
> >
> >http://ganglia.sourceforge.net/
> >
> >Nice, isn't it ?
> >
> Can you get it to work with Scyld?   I have Scyld 28CZ4 and
> got it nearly initialized, but it seems to die with SIGSEGV in
> g_mcast_in().  If I get some time in the next few weeks,
> I may try ganglia again (but out of time right now).

I do not use Scyld. Just a Mandrake 8.2 and 9.0-cooker with custom initrd's
booted via PXE. And ganglia works as comes by default. I still have not played
with multicast...

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