Tyan's new S2722GNN

Steve Gaudet SGaudet at turbotekcomputer.com
Tue Nov 12 06:35:42 PST 2002

Hello Camm,

> Greetings!  I saw this query, but no replies.  Has anyone had any
> experience with these boards?  We're thinking about buying 16 for a
> cluster upgrade.
> Take care,
> Steve Gaudet <SGaudet at turbotekcomputer.com> writes:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Anyone try Tyan's new S2722GNN?  Has a killer price point 
> for a dual Xeon
> > with GigE.  Just want to know if it's solid.

They're just starting to get the S2722 into the pipeline with distributors.
But your correct no one responded so don't know anyone who's see the S2722
or tried it yet.

My concern is the management for this motherboard and if you need this
Zircon option.  I'm wondering if Tyan is using Zircon for management and not
putting them into the BIOS.

Anyone know?

Zircon - Baseboard Management Controller  

Feature Summary

Compliance with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) draft,
version 1.5 
Compliance with PCI industrial computers manufacturers group (PICMG) System
Management Specification 2.9 D1.0 for CompactPCI Solutions 
Up to 60 general purpose I/O pins 
12 tachometer inputs for fan speed monitoring 
Eight pulse width modulator inputs for fan speed control 
Four push-button inputs for front panel buttons and switches 
13 channel analog-to-digital converter inputs 
Two serial ports (16550 compatible universal asynchronous receiver/
transmitters [UARTs]) for remote access and intelligent chassis management
bus (ICMB) support 
Three I2C master/slave ports 
Low pin count (LPC) bus provides access to three keyboard controller style
(KCS) and one-block transfer interfaces 
32-bit RISC processor 
20K-bytes of internal RAM 
Development board and software design kit available 
160-pin low profile flat pack (LQFP) package 
Firmware is provided for the following interfaces (contact QLogic for
Intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) 
Intelligent platform management bus (IPMB) 
Intelligent chassis management bus (ICMB) 

Looks interesting.

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