Beowulf and Big Brother

Ollisl ollisl at
Mon Nov 11 11:55:56 PST 2002

I just realized that this question is better to ask from Big Brother
people. But maybe you have some comments about it too. So:

We have 2000 computing nodes and 96 monitoring computers. There is a
possibility that we have 96 different beowulf clusters there each
having about 20 PC's but you never know(No decisions yet in that
matter) ;) I was just wondering if it is reasonable or smart to monitor
these master nodes with Big Brother? Or is there even ready-made shell-
scripts for that?

I was thinking of something like this: A script runs every once and a
while gathering data of the status of each slave-node, on each master
node. Then that data is sent to Big Brother-server, whenever it is
asked. So every master would be running a BB client.

Is there any sense doing things like that?

Olli Laaksonen

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